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I have contributed a number or articles over the years to the various weimaraner breed clubs, and a selection are reproduced here. They often recount my experiences as I developed as a trainer of my own gundogs.


Bastillian Weimaraners were pleased to learn that another of our dogs, well bitch actually, had won the Weimaraner Association'’s prestigious Aschfahl Trophy for most points gained in Gundog Working Tests for 2011.

Gundog Working Tests (GWT’s) take place in the summer, on farmland, country estates and often on shooting estates. A number of retrieving tests, usually three, including from or over water, (using a canvas dummy), and a hunting test are contrived to test each dog. At Open standard cold game may be used, usually dead pigeon or rabbit, in the retrieve, and a shot (from a starting pistol or dummy launcher) may be fired.

The GWT is an all-day affair which can involve on occasion around 100 dogs, participating in one of three stakes under a number of judges, one of whom must be a KC Panel Judge for Field Trials. The three stakes are for Puppies, (under 18 months of age on the day of the test), Novice, for dogs that have not previously won a 1st place at a licensed Novice Stake, nor to have won an award at a Field Trial, and an Open Stake, for higher standard dogs.

As one would expect the level of difficulty increases up the stakes, but even so, the Puppy Stake can be quite challenging as dogs from 6 months of age could be competing with a dog of nearly three times its age, and for a puppy the water test element can be very daunting.

There are two additional, unclassified, stakes which may be run at a GWT, a Special Beginners Stake, and a Graduate Stake which is an intermediate stake between Novice and Open.

Gundog Working Tests are very popular and can be very challenging for dog and handler and is a means of testing the work of the gundog for its suitability as a working (i.e. shot-over) gundog.

In 2009, Blenweim Sweet Lady of Bastillian (B) won the award in the same year as picking up other awards for Field Trial and Spring Pointing successes, including two further awards from the WA.

A year later Greymaster of Bastillian (D), a veteran in age, but new to trained Gundog work, secured a number of GWT places in 2010 to secure the Aschfahl Trophy.

And in 2011, home-bred, Bastillian Lady Kasshilde (B) and still a puppy, managed a number of places in Puppy Stakes to secure the trophy once again. Kassie will now have to compete in Novice Stakes and at only 20 months of age will come up against dogs of 5 and 6 years her senior.


Blenweim Sweet Lady of Bastillian (Bitch)

Owner/Handler: Nigel Wroe (WA Member)

Winner 2009 of the following WA Awards:

Ragstone Salver
Fox Holland Cup
Aschfahl Trophy

I was very pleased to collect no less than 3 awards for Misty’s endeavours, principally for field work during 2009.  This was our “breakthrough” year in the field, after narrowly missing out on a Field Trial Award in January 2009. Misty picked up a grading of “Good” as a Junior at a Spring Pointing test on Danby Moor, held in March 2009 by the Hungarian Vizsla Association.

The summer of 2009 was occupied by Gundog Working Tests, and after bubbling just outside the places for most of the summer, Misty won a First Place in Novice at the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer GWT in September, closely followed by a second place in a Graduate GWT held by the GSPC at Laverstoke.

The Field Trial Season got under way and it was only a matter of weeks later, in October when Misty secured her first Field Trial Award at Titsey in Kent, earning a third place in Novice at a trial hosted by the Large Munsterlander Club.

With a number of successes in showing during the course of 2009, coupled with her Field Awards, Misty was able to secure the coveted Ragstone Salver to cap a very satisfying first year in the field.

I have been delighted with Misty’s progress which got under way in earnest after winning a first place in a Special Beginners test of work at 13 months of age in 2008.

The current year has started well with a grading of Very Good in Adult in a SPT and several places in Open GWT’s this summer.


Ragstone Salver: Presented by Mr A & Mrs G Burgoin for the dog gaining most points in at least two categories (field, show, working).

Fox Holland Cup: Presented by N Hoepermans & P Varseaars for most points in field work including SPT's.

Aschfahl Trophy: Presented by Mrs C Carpenter for the dog gaining the most points in Gundog Working Tests.